VAT Returns


Simple to use for everyone


Data checks avoid costly mistakes


Each return in less than a minute

Summary of Service

  • Less than £50 per week
  • Unlimited transactions
  • VAT compliance tests
  • ECSL
  • Free simple setup
  • Aligned to tax legislation

Why use euVAT?

Preparing EU VAT returns takes time or the cost of using a specialist agent. There is the added pressure of strict deadlines and conforming to tax authorities’ requirements.

Our highly advanced web-based technology provides a comprehensive solution that is used by Tax managers and VAT professionals worldwide. It has extensive built in features for maximum flexibility in order to provide complete control and compliance. However, it has been designed for ease of use, and hence saves time and money.

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Save Cost / Extra Revenue

If you outsource your returns to professional advisers, using euVAT will save you substantial costs. Prepare them in-house? The time saved will result in material cost savings.

And for tax advisers when euVAT identifies compliance errors there is also the opportunity to earn additional revenue from consultancy by helping clients or their suppliers.

Take Control

The high volumes and stresses that come with managing tax for any large organisation can often lead to human error. euVAT Online offers you a simple, safe and fast way to prepare your returns, and get a difficult job done easily – all for much lower cost than outsourcing.

Use euVAT and take back control of preparing your EU VAT returns.

Safety is Key

Did you know that on average there is at least 1 change per day made to EU VAT legislation? Auto-compliance checks validate your data. Bespoke checks can also be added.

This means that you can file hundreds of foreign VAT returns with complete confidence, minimising the risk of fines and avoid the disruption of unwanted VAT inspections. Get peace of mind.

Saves Time

Imagine: preparing each return in under a minute; completing all 30 EU countries’ VAT returns in less than 1 hour. Probably even less time than if you outsource to a VAT return specialist.

Use the time saved to solve issues identified by the system: to give the supplier or client a friendly call, and of course to ensure that accounting records are correct.