VAT Returns – Czech Republic

Czech Republic

VAT Name :
Daň z přidané hodnoty (DPH)

VAT Number Format :
12345678, 123456789, 1234567890 (8, 9 or 10 characters. If more than 10 characters are provided delete the first 3 as these are a tax code)

VAT Information Offices :
Ministerstvo financi CR
Leteenska 15
110 00 Prague 1


RateTypeWhich goods or services
21%StandardAll other taxable goods and services
15%ReducedTransfer of certain residential houses; Food, Gas, Waterway services; Accommodation; Transport of passengers; Cultural services
10%ReducedBaby foods; Pharmaceutical products; Vaccines; Contraceptives; Specific books; Foods for people with Celiac diseases
0%ZeroAir, sea, inland waterway, rail and road, and international passenger transport


  • Letting of residential property (excluding short term letting)
  • Letting of immovable property
  • Financial services
  • Admission to sporting events by non-profit making bodies
  • Letting of commercial property
  • Supply of land (option to tax can apply in certain cases to leasing and letting of immovable property supply of buildings and land)


Registration Threshold : CZK 1,000,000
– Voluntary registration is acceptable if turnover is below threshold
Intrastat Threshold : CZK 12,000,000 (arrivals) / CZK 12,000,000 (dispatches)
Distance Selling Threshold : CZK 1,140,000
Intra-Community Acquisition Threshold : CZK 326,000
VAT Free Shopping for Tourists : CZK 2,000


Late Filing (Return) : Nil if < 5 days. If > 5 days CZK 500 (plus potential interest up to 5% or CZK 300,000)
Late Payment : Charged to interest, plus standard interest charge of 14% (unless amount does not exceed CZK 200)
Late Filing (EC Sales) : Nil on one late filing, thereafter CZK 1,000 penalty up to maximum of CZK 50,000 (subject to waiver)


Standard Tax Period : Monthly / Quarterly (where turnover is less than CZK 10,000,000)
Electronic Filing : The 25th day following the tax period (month or quarter)
ESL Filing : The 25th day following the reporting period
Intrastat : The 10th working day (paper) / The 12th working day (electronic)