VAT Returns – Spain


VAT Name :
Impuesto sobre el Valor Anadido (IVA)

VAT Number Format :
X12345678, 12345678X, X1234567X

9 characters. Includes one or two alphabetical characters (first or last or first and last).

VAT Information Offices :
Agencia Estatal de Administracion Tributaria (AEAT), C/ Guzman el Bueno 139, 28003 Madrid


RateTypeWhich goods or services
21%StandardAll other taxable goods and services
10%ReducedFoodstuffs; Water supplies; Certain listed pharmaceuticals and medical equipment; Passenger transport; Certain admissions to sporting events; Cultural events; Hotel accommodation; Restaurants and catering; New property sales
4%ReducedCertain pharmaceutical products; Certain foods; Certain books and newspapers; Social services; (From 01.01.2020 - e books)
0%ZeroIntra-EU and international transport by air and sea; Taxation of gold coins


  • Letting of immovable property (subject to exceptions)
  • Letting of residential property (excluding short term letting)
  • Letting of commercial property (subject to exceptions)
  • Financial and insurance services
  • Education provided by the state or licensed bodies
  • Tutoring on subjects that are included in the curricula at all educational levels
  • Postal services
  • Cultural services, such as museums, libraries, seminars and conferences
  • Artists, writers, composers and translators of artistic and scientific work
  • Supply of land
  • Supply of buildings
  • Option to tax can apply in certain cases in respect of supply of buildings (other than new) and supply of land (other than building land)


Registration Threshold : Nil
Distance Selling Threshold : EUR 35.000
Dispatches : EUR 400.000
Arrivals : EUR 400.000
Intra-Community Acquisition Threshold : EUR 10.000
VAT Free Shopping for Tourists : EUR 90,15


Late Filing/Payment : Within 3 months – 5% of VAT due; 3-6 months – 10%; 6-12 months – 15%; in excess of 12 months – 20%
Late Payment : charged to interest 2%-5% in excess of 12 months
Late filing of EC Sales : nominal level of fine – EUR 20
Late filing of Intrastat : minor fines

Other :
– Penalties may apply in cases of tax fraud, evasion, etc.


Assessment Period : 4 years
Standard Tax Period : Quarterly
Monthly filing where turnover > EUR 6,010,121
Electronic filing – return submitted by 20th day following tax period month/quarter
ESL filing – monthly submitted by 20th day following reporting period
Intrastat filing – 12th working day following reporting period