VAT Returns – Portugal


VAT Name :
Imposto Sobre o Valor Acrescentado (IVA)

VAT Number Format :
123456789 (9 digits)

VAT Information Offices :
Autoridade Tributaria e Aduaneira, Direccao de Servicos do IVA, Av Joao XXI 76, 3 Apartado 8290, 1049-065 Lisbon


RateTypeWhich goods or services
23%StandardAll other taxable goods and services
13%ReducedCertain foodstuffs (canned meats, etc.); Food; Gas; Waterway services; Accommodation; Transport of passengers; Cultural services; Admission to shows, etc.
6%ReducedReduced e books; Certain listed foodstuffs (vegetables, bread ,fruit etc); Live animals, seeds and plants for foodstuffs; Water; Pharmaceuticals; Medical equipment; Children's car seats; Passenger transport; Books; Newspapers and periodicals; Certain social housing; Renovation and repairs of private dwellings; Agricultural inputs; Hotel accommodation; Medical and dental care; Street cleaning; Waste collection; Domestic care; Certain imported art works; Art supplied by creator; Bridge tolls; Live plants


  • Letting of immovable property
  • Letting of residential property
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Non profit organisation’s subscriptions
  • Bodies governed by public law covering children’s or young person’s education and welfare
  • Old people’s homes
  • Social well-being, etc.
  • Congresses and conferences of scientific and education nature
  • Hospital and medical services
  • Education services
  • Supply of land
  • Option to tax can apply in certain cases to leasing and letting of immovable property, supply of buildings and land


Registration Threshold : Nil
EUR 10.000 – applicable to taxable persons who do not import or export goods
EUR 12.500 – applicable to taxable persons subject to simplified regime up to annual turnover of EUR 50.000
Intrastat : dispatches – (full) EUR 6.500.000
Intrastat : dispatches – (simplified) EUR 350.000
Intrastat : arrivals – (full) EUR 5.000.000
Intrastat : arrivals – (simplified) EUR 250.000
Distance Selling Threshold : EUR 35.000
Dispatches : EUR 350.000
Arrivals : EUR 250.000
Intra-Community Acquisition Threshold : EUR 10.000
VAT Free Shopping for Tourists : EUR 49,88


Late or No Filing : Penalty of EUR 300 to EUR 3.750
Late or No Payment : 30% to 100% penalty
Late assessment interest : 4% annually
Late payment interest : 5.47% annually

Other :
– Intrastat: penalties of EUR 500 to EUR 50.000
– Penalties may apply in cases of tax fraud, evasion, etc.


Assessment Period : 4 years
Standard Tax Period : If annual turnover < EUR 650.000 then quarterly; if annual turnover > EUR 650.000 then monthly.
Option for monthly returns – subject to conditions

ESL filing – 20th day of the month following reporting period
Intrastat filing – 15th day of the month following reporting period