VAT Returns – Luxembourg


VAT Name :
Taxe sur la valeur ajoutee (TVA)

VAT Number Format :
12345678 (8 characters)

VAT Information Offices :
Administration de l’Enregistrement et des Domaines, Bureau d’impostion X, 14 Avenue de la gare, L- 1610 Luxembourg

B.P.31 L-2010 Luxembourg


RateTypeWhich goods or services
17%StandardAll other taxable goods and services
14%ReducedCertain wines; Solid mineral fuels; Mineral oils; Printed advertising matter; Safe custody and administration services; Administration of credit and credit guarantees by a person or organisation other than that granting the credit
8%ReducedCleaning in private households; Minor bicycle repairs; Shoes and leather goods; Clothing and household linen; Hairdressing; Certain heating; Gas and electricity; Cut flowers and plants for decorative use; Some works of art and antiques
3%ReducedFoodstuffs; Soft drinks; Children's clothing and footwear; Water supplies; Certain pharmaceutical products; Certain medical equipment for disabled persons; Domestic passenger transport; Certain books, e books and newspapers; Periodicals; Admission to cultural events and amusement parks; Some pay TV/cable TV; Some agricultural supplies; Hotel accommodation; Restaurants (excl. alcoholic beverages); Take away food; Bars & nightclubs; Cut flowers and plants for food production; Some supplies of new buildings; Some construction work; Use of sports facilities; Funeral services; Domestic waste services; Works of art etc.; Some goods and services for consumption on board passenger transport
0%ZeroIntra-EU and international transport


  • Letting of immovable property
  • Letting of residential property (excluding short term letting)
  • Letting of commercial property
  • Admission to sporting events by non profit making bodies
  • Financial services
  • Supply of land
  • Option to tax can apply in certain cases to leasing and letting of immovable property, and supply of buildings and land


Registration Threshold : EUR 10.000
Distance Selling Threshold : EUR 100.000
Dispatches : EUR 150.000
Arrivals : EUR 200.000
Intra-Community Acquisition Threshold : EUR 10.000
VAT Free Shopping for Tourists : EUR 74



Assessment Period : 5 years (can be extended to 10 years in cases of fraud)
Standard Tax Period : If annual turnover is > EUR 620.000 then monthly; between EUR 112.000 – 620.000, quarterly; and < EUR 112.000 then annual.
Annual return required in all cases. There is an option for monthly returns.

EC Sales Lists – monthly, 25th day of month following reporting period
Intrastat – 6th working day of the following month (paper filing); 16th working day of the following month (electronic filing)